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Welcome to Vitae Gourmet

Premium hand-crafted hot sauces

Smokin' good hot sauce!!

Get the best tasting hot sauce around! Our sauces are designed to give tremendous flavor as well as a good kick for your tongue. With Vitae Gourmet, it's not just about the heat... it's also about the joy of eating. We smoke all our sauces and rubs to perfection. Every single time someone tastes our hot sauce their reaction is one of shock and amazement at just how good our sauces taste, and we're not exaggerating.

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Who We Are

Vitae Gourmet is passionate about bringing the flavor and zest of food to life. 
Our sauces came to life when a spice lover married a non-spice lover. With an urgent need to "kick it up a notch", I began developing my signature sauces. Then my beloved wife gifted me with a smoker and the rest is history. With a robust smoky flavor added in, Mango Sunrise, Sweet Heat, and Burning Tongue sauces bring any dish to life. And now other spice lovers don't have to suffer quietly using cheap, store bought sauces that taste like spicy vinegar water.

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